European Transport Could Be Petroleum-Free by 2050

Expected oil depletion by 2050 seen driving shift to substitution.

Published: 26-Jan-2011

Brussels - Transport in the European Union could be free of the need to use oil as its basic fuel by 2050 if governments and business invest enough in alternative sources now, a major panel of industry and environmental experts said Tuesday.

The EU sees itself as a world leader in climate-friendly policies and is keen to wean itself from an increasing dependence on imported oil. But it has not yet agreed on how to deploy alternatives to oil on a sufficient scale to meet either objective.

'Alternative fuels have the potential to gradually replace fossil energy sources and make transport sustainable by 2050,' the European Commission, which ordered the report, said in a summary of its findings.


Offshore oil platform on fire in the North Sea

Despite risks, new field discoveries have kept pace with declining oil reserve production, reports Reuters, but age of cheap oil is over.

NOAA satellite of Deepwater Horizon oil spill in Gulf of Mexico late April 2010.

What's left is hard to get at and risky to extract, as Deepwater Horizon blowout shows.

Dead oil-covered Northern Gannet found on Grand Isle, Louisiana beach 12 May 2010.

The lesson to learn from the oil spill it is that there must be no new offshore drilling. We must transform our energy system


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