PHOTO CAPTION: Nissan LEAF parked next to NRG public charging.

Reliant Energy Customers First to Take Delivery of Nissan LEAF

Electric car will be charged using Reliant Energy Electric Vehicle (EV) Owner’s plan with e-SenseTM Time-of-Use.

Published: 26-Jan-2011

HOUSTON -- Reliant Energy customers Jimmy and Christie Sauers of Seabrook and their family are the first Texans to take delivery of the new all-electric Nissan LEAF. The Sauers signed up for the new Reliant Energy Electric Vehicle (EV) Owner’s plan with e-SenseTM Time-of-Use designed to meet the home electricity needs of EV drivers. The family is among the growing number of customers of the eVgosm network offered by NRG EV Services LLC which provides home charging equipment and access to a growing network of public charging stations for one low monthly subscription.

“It’s an honor for us to be the first in Texas to take delivery of a LEAF,” said Mr. Sauers. “We learned about a year ago that Nissan, working with Reliant and NRG Energy, had decided to make Houston one of the launch cities for the LEAF in the U.S. We were excited at the idea of a 100% electric vehicle, but since we are both engineers, we looked at all the aspects of buying and owning a LEAF. After a thorough analysis, we were thrilled to find that the LEAF fit our family’s needs at a reasonable cost. We didn't hesitate in reserving one.”

Mr. Sauers is an NRG employee with Reliant Energy and Mrs. Sauers works at NASA. In November 2009 Reliant and Nissan announced an agreement to work together to make Houston a launch city for the broader use of electric vehicles.


Nissan LEAF can be charged at 110, 220 and 380V.

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Nissan LEAF goes on sale in five states starting in December 2010.

Benefits of early ownership include Tax credits, rebate checks, personalized home visits, and government giveaways.


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