PHOTO CAPTION: Mazda Demio will be platform for electric model.

Mazda Joins the Electric Car Race

Vehicles expected to have range of up to 120 mile and will be leased to government bodies and fleets customers.

Published: 24-Jan-2011

TOKYO - Japanese automaker Mazda Motor said Monday that it is developing an electric vehicle with plans to begin leasing in 2012, the latest entry into a burgeoning market.

"Mazda Motor Corporation is independently developing an electric vehicle with plans to commence leasing in Japan in spring 2012," the Hiroshima-based firm said in a statement.

The vehicle, based on Mazda's Demio subcompact, is expected to have a driving range of 200 kilometres (124 miles) and will be leased mainly to local government bodies and fleet customers.


Converted Mazda Miata cost $800,000.

Partners convert Mazda Miata into all-electric Eiata for $800,000.

Mazda Kiyora ('clean,pure') concept car was first unveiled at 2008 Paris Auto Show. Propulsion system was not defined in this styling-only exercise.

Cars would come after the introduction of a gasoline-hybrid model.

i-ELOOP can improve fuel economy by up to ten percent in stop-and-go driving.


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