BYD, Daimler Agree on Design Elements for New Electric Car

Development will be completed by 2012 with sales in China starting in 2012.

Published: 24-Jan-2011

Chinese battery and auto producer BYD Co. lost a lot of luster last year. But the company has quietly, and without any public announcement, cleared one important milestone: Deciding on the key styling and design elements of the first electric car it is producing in partnership with Germany’s Daimler AG.

A person close to the BYD-Daimler venture, which the two companies announced last year, said over the weekend that the joint design team working at BYD’s headquarters in the southern China city of Shenzhen “fixed” the styling of the brand’s first all-electric battery car in early December and passed it onto the engineering team to finish the car’s development. The move in the auto industry is typically called “styling freeze,” and it refers to a stage in the car-development process where styling and rough engineering specifications are set firmly.

The knowledgeable individual said BYD and Daimler are aiming to finish development of the all-electric car by the end of 2012 and make the car available for private buyers in China in 2013.


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