PHOTO CAPTION: BYD e6 all-electric car wil be priced at $35,000 before incentives.

BYD e6 Electric Car to be Competitively Priced in USA

Hybrid Cars Exclusive: All-electric crossover with 60 kWh will be priced in USA for $35,000 before incentives.

Published: 20-Jan-2011

s all-electric e6 sedan with a huge 60 kWh battery pack will sell in the United States for $35,000 before incentives—while the F3DM dual-model EV/PHEV will cost $28,800. On the eve of the 2011 Detroit auto show, Michael Austin, the Chicago-based BYD vice president of marketing and public relations duties, confirmed these prices and told me that BYD will sell “tens of thousands” of both models in the United States by 2012.

BYD, the Chinese company promising to revolutionize the global auto market, is back at the Detroit auto show for the fourth year in a row. Never shy about making big promises, the company will unveil a new concept electric sedan and SUV in Detroit. Austin was eager to talk about these future models, and BYD’s grand vision for selling electric cars along with solar panels, LED lighting and stationary battery storage for the home. But I steered the conversation back to the question that plug-in car fans most want to know: When will the cars displayed for years actually go on sale?

On Schedule for 2012

Austin told me that by 2012, BYD will have at least five showrooms open in the U.S., and as many as 20. He pointed to the 10 units of the F3DM that went into fleet testing in December at the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles as proof that the company will deliver on its promises. “All necessary crash testing will be completed in 2011,” Austin said. He said the “biggest trouble” facing BYD had to do with the Environmental Protection Agency not being able to determine the best way to measure range and emissions in the F3DM.


BYD E6 electric car could be headed to Germany in 2011.

Models would include F3DM plug-in hybrid and E6 all-electric.

Warren Buffett inspects new BYD K9 electric transit bus.

Appears to be BYD-authored oped describing new business strategy with significant focus on grid-scale energy storage technology.

BYD K9 electric transit bus on display at EVS 25 in Shenzhen, China.

Los Angeles could be first city to acquire and deploy in this transit fleet.


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