PHOTO CAPTION: 315,000 Toyota Priuses sold in Japan in 2010

Prius Best Selling Toyota Model in Japan in 2010

Company sells 315,000 units, besting Corolla for first time in 20 years.

Published: 20-Jan-2011

Toyota Motor Corp sold more than 315,000 units of its Prius gas-electric hybrid in Japan in 2010, making the car the nation’s bestselling vehicle for a single year to replace the automaker’s Corolla for the first time in 20 years.

The previous annual record marked by the Corolla was about 300,000 units of sales in 1990.

On the back of the government’s subsidies and tax incentives for environmentally friendly cars, the Prius sold strongly also with its high gas mileage and relatively cheap price compared with conventional hybrid cars.


Recall includes Lexus HS 250h hybrid.

Recall includes 437,000 units of its 2010 Prius, Sai, Prius PHV (plug-in hybrid) and Lexus HS250h hybrids globally.

2010 Plug-in Prius similar to that driven by the author.

Admittedly 'lazy' test driver in Ireland finds excuses not to plug in the Prius.

Toyota and Tesla are collaborating on an all-electric version of the RAV4 sport utility vehicle.

Electric version of RAV4 is being jointly developed by Toyota and Tesla, picking up where original RAV4 EV left off nearly a decade ago.


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