PHOTO CAPTION: Peugeot 508 offers both its new-generation e-HDi and HYbrid4 technologies

Peugeot 508 Includes Hybrid Technologies

French carmaker continues strategy of implementing mild-hybridization.

Published: 17-Jan-2011

Quality, purity, efficiency… the Peugeot 508 embodies the Marque’s new expression in the segment of grand touring cars. Available in two body styles, Saloon and SW, the 508 combines strong design and emotion with:- its new-generation e-HDi and HYbrid4 technologies, - its streamlined, prestigious and dynamic appearance,- its perceived quality and interior comfort,- its unique driveability, based on the Marque’s longstanding expertise. With the 508, Peugeot continues its international offensive: produced in France for all markets (excluding China), it will also be built in China from this year for the world’s largest developing car market.

Looking to the future

With the 508, Peugeot reaffirms its presence and its ambitions in one of its traditional strong suits, the grand touring car segment.

Over a period of several decades, every model in the “40X” and “50X” range has left an indelible imprint on its time: due to a unique blend of style, road holding, versatility and robustness.

The 508 is a modern, forward-looking vehicle, perfectly attuned to the aspirations of customers who have moved with the times: demanding, dynamic and responsible. It comprises of two complementary body styles: a Saloon (with a length of 4.79 m) and an SW (4.81 m).

Quality, purity and efficiency are the bywords that guided every aspect of the car’s design, offering a multi-faceted appeal to its owners with emotion as its central theme.

Stylistic purity

Guided by the search for perfectly balanced and streamlined contours, the style of the 508 suggests a vehicle “sculpted from a solid”, reflecting aspirations of elegance, robustness and build quality.

At the front, the 508 illustrates the development of the Marque’s latest stylistic codes first unveiled on the SR1 concept car, with a single grille rendered in a “floating” style and piercing headlamps with a particularly marked visual expression, like its “LED tubes” visible both by day and by night.

Similarly, at the rear, three red ‘claws’ mask three rows of LEDs on the Saloon. The SW for its part has a more composite feel, with a red band that lights up when the rear lights are activated...

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