Welcome to Your Future Battery-Powered Life

Earth911 managing editor Amanda Wills survey of how our homes and cars will be increasingly dependent on battery technology.

Published: 17-Jan-2011

Hop into the DeLorean, and take a look at your life in 2021. Are spacesuits fashionable and is teleporting feasible? We’re keeping that a secret. But one thing is for sure: your daily routine has drastically changed, for the better. It’s smarter, more efficient and, well, just plain easier. Manually controlling your household appliances? That’s so 10 years ago.

We didn’t use gravitational time dilation to figure out what you’ll be using in the future. On display at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show were several manufacturers’ mock-ups of the smarter home and car. At the heart of it all was a little piece of technology that will change the way we consume energy and power our devices: the lithium-ion battery.

The car you will drive
A hovercraft. Well, that’s how Nissan LEAF owner Tom Franklin describes the feeling of driving his new electric vehicle (EV).


Th!nk City electric cars roll off Valmet assembly line in Finland.

Eltek Valere starts delivering the first chargers in February.

Prototype Better Place battery exchange robot takes under 2 minutes to remove depleted battery and replace with fully charged one.

Tesla's Model S electric sedan will incorporate battery swapping capability. Beijing is considering installing battery swapping stations.

Denise Gray in GM's battery lab in Warren, Mi.

Departure seen as another indication of GM's inability to hold good talent.


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