China Aiming for 10M EV Parking Spots Before 2020

China-base carmaker BAIC expects EVs to make up about 5 percent of its own market by 2020, an estimate considered conservative by many analysts.

Published: 17-Jan-2011

China’s efforts to clean up its roads – and its air – have become increasingly serious over the last few months and now an executive at one of the country’s largest automakers has revealed that the country plans to have 10 million EV-ready parking spaces in just over eight years.

“The government is working on a plan – and I think it will be announced very, very soon – and is basically calling for having, in 10 years, electric car parks of 10 million [spots] or above,” Wang Dazong, president of Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co (BAIC), said at a conference this week in Detroit.

China’s industry has decided to shift gears to focus on EVs, not hybrids or even hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, signaling a change in direction that will undoubtedly have global ramifications. The Chinese market has become the world’s largest and, while growth is expected to be less robust in 2011 than it was in a heavily-subsidized 2010, the market will undoubtedly continue to increase in size and scope.


Shanghai GM plant producing Buick models.

Global over-supply concerns growing, forecasts Alva Group, UK-based industry analysts.

Changan Hybrid station wagon.

89% of Chinese consumers surveyed say they aren’t really interested in advanced technology if it comes with an increased cost.

BYD e6 electric car operated as Taxi in Shenzhen, China

The Chinese government envisages having 5 million EVs and plug-in hybrids on the road by 2020.


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