PHOTO CAPTION: Citroen DS4 can come equipped with start-stop system.

Denso: Time Now Ripe for Start-Stop Technology

Micro-hybrid systems that automatically start and stop IC engine, preventing wasted fuel while idling could have Americans 3 billion gallons of fuel.

Published: 17-Jan-2011

DETROIT — Denso Corporation officials said here Tuesday that the time was ripe for North American vehicles to adopt start-stop technology.

Doug Patton, senior vice president for engineering at the automotive supplier, cited a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimate that Americans waste three billion gallons of fuel annually by idling their vehicles.

Mr. Patton said Denso was ready to bring multiple start-stop technologies to the market, from the most simple system that shuts the engine down completely and could only restart it from a dead stop, to a more advanced system that could kill the engine while the car was coasting, then restart it on the fly.



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