PHOTO CAPTION: Coda electric car is based on Chinese model.

Coda Charges Ahead with Electric Car Plan

Marc Gunther explores the continuing efforts of California company to bring its electric car to the market.

Published: 17-Jan-2011

No one said it would be easy for CODA Automotive, the California-based startup that makes all-electric cars and battery systems.

Two months ago, CODA delayed the introduction of its first car and said that its dynamic chief executive, Kevin Czinger, was stepping down. Even before then, pundits wondered whether the company could survive (here and here).

When, after all, was the last time a U.S.-based startup broke into the capital-intensive automobile industry?


Final assembly of Coda Electric would be in Bay Area.

Plant would create 100 jobs and product 14,000 vehicles annually.

CODA Electric priced $12,000 above Nissan LEAF electric car.

Sticker price $44,900 and with tax credits and rebates in California can drop price to $32,400.

Coda all-electric car will be deployed at Enterprise Rent-A-Car facilities.

Battery-powered Sedan has range up to 120 miles with 6.6kW on-board charger supporting full recharge in six hours.


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