PHOTO CAPTION: David Peilow sits in borrowed Telsa Roadster in front of Edinburgh Castle. Photo: Tesla.

Tesla Versus the BBC

In impromptu race to Edinburgh, Tesla Roadster beats BMW Mini-E electric car.

Published: 17-Jan-2011

Feeling that electric cars were getting a bad rap due to a BBC correspondent's four-day journey from London to Edinburgh in a Mini E, a Tesla driver took to the road and made the over 400-mile trip in a day, ultimately getting to Scotland before the BBC.

BBC correspondent Brian Milligan set out to drive the electric-powered Mini E from London to Edinburgh, with stops at public charging stations whenever necessary. It took him four days to complete the trip on his 484-mile route, and he reported an average speed--taking charging time into account--of 6 mph. Toward the end of the journey Milligan was shivering from the cold, as using the heater would have lessened the car's range.

By the third day of the BBC's Mini E adventure, the limitations of the car were quite apparent to BBC viewers, but electric-car company Tesla found a way to demonstrate that the bad press wasn't accurate for all electric vehicles. That day, David Peilow, described as an electric-vehicle advocate, picked up a Tesla Roadster at the Tesla store in London and drove it to Edinburgh in a single day.


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