PHOTO CAPTION: Venturi America is powered by 300hp electric motor

Venturi Seeks to Create Big Electric Car Buzz

Venturi hopes to ramp up to produce larger numbers of electric vehicles with industry partners it will announce throughout the year.

Published: 14-Jan-2011

> Venturi Automobiles may be a small player on the world's automotive stage, but it sees a big future in making electric vehicles buzz in target markets such as fleet vehicles.

Venturi, a small-volume electric sports car maker from Monaco, showed its concept America high-voltage buggy in its first outing at the Detroit auto show on Tuesday.

"2011 is going to be the year of the EV," declared Gildo Pallanca Pastor, a French commercial real estate developer and businessman who bought Venturi out of bankruptcy 10 years ago. "So we decided to come over with all of our technologies and join in partnership with many different companies."


MVE electric vehicle production plant in France

64,500 sq. ft facility in Sablé-sur-Sarthe will be used for Venturi-powered EVs, Voxan motorcycles and other electric vehicles.

Venturi AMERICA has 'real world' electric driving range of 300 km (186mi).

Venturi's new 'dune buggy' is powered by 300 hp electric drive and 56kWh of energy stored in newly developed lithium polymer battery pack.

Citroen Berlingo passenger van.

With drive developed by Venturi, the French automaker has delivered 250 units to La Poste


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