Utility Maps City for Electric Car Charging Clusters

Nashville Electric Service maps cities likely hotspots for electric car recharging.

Published: 12-Jan-2011

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Planners at Nashville's electric power distributor have mapped the city's likely hotspots for vehicle battery recharging, trying to stay ahead of demand as electrics become more broadly available.

They had a pretty good idea where to look.

Research suggests the stereotypical early buyer of an electric vehicle is a high wage earner with an advanced degree and multiple cars who lives fairly close to work. There is a strong chance the buyer is female and a Democrat.


Prius PHV would need to double its EV-range to meet minimum optimization mileage according to CMU study.

Study finds that under approachable cost scenario, electric hybrids can be part of least cost solution.

Fisker Karma said to offer 50 miles of electric driving range before engine turns on.

Car choices now include wider range of gasoline hybrids and electric hybrids.

Chevrolet Volt can run up to 40 miles on electric power before IC engine turns on.

Ben Holland from the Rocky Mountain Institute reports that electric hybrid owners of cars like the Chevy Volt now worry about having the car's gasoline engine fire up, not about their EV range.


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