BBC Reporter Attempts London-to-Edinburgh by Electric Car

Brian Milligan attempts to drive an electric Mini from London to Scotland, using only public charge points.

Published: 09-Jan-2011

Just before Christmas, the government proudly announced that 2011 would be remembered as the year the electric car took off.

In an attempt to make that prophecy come true, it announced a subsidy of £5,000 for each electric car sold in the UK.

But what is electric motoring actually like?


BMW Mini Scooter E trio are electrically powered.

The MINI Scooter E Concept is designed for the changing landscape in environmental and urban road traffic conditions.

 Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research Deep Orange plug-in hybrid.

Plug-in hybrid system combines lithium-polymer batteries and two-cylinder engine, giving it 20 miles of EV-range and overall range of 400 miles.

BMW Megacity electric car illustration.

BMW's management wasn't enamored by the idea of a tiny electric car.


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