Battery Spy Scandal Revealed No 'Critical' Information, Says Renault

'Not the smallest nugget of technical or strategic information... has filtered out of the enterprise,' says French carmaker.

Published: 09-Jan-2011

PARIS — A top executive at Renault said over the weekend that “nothing critical” appeared to have been stolen from the automaker’s electric vehicle program in an industrial espionage case that prompted the company to suspend three executives this week.

A French official, meanwhile, sought to play down the possibility of Chinese involvement in the matter, saying the government would wait for the results of an investigation.

In an interview published Saturday in the French newspaper Le Monde, Patrick Pelata, Renault’s chief operating officer, said that an internal investigation that began in August had led the company to conclude it was the target of “a system organized to collect economic, technological and strategic information to serve interests abroad.”


Renault's line-up of electric cars.

Korean company already supplying cells to eight other carmakers.

Electric car charging stations will be installed at E. Lecleric stores in France.

Some 500 stations will be installed by 2015.

Renault ZOE concept could be available by 2012.

Car would have fully-charged range of 100 km.


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