BC Startup Develops Lithium Battery Systems for Marine Vessels

Corvus utilizes Dow Kokam cells for in hybrid systems for tugboats, yachts and ferries.

Published: 09-Jan-2011

VANCOUVER - A Richmond startup company is racing to become a major player in a nascent industry that is targeting big energy savings in the marine transportation sector.

Corvus Energy has begun marketing new lithium ion battery technology that would enable tugboats, large-scale yachts - and even vessels as large as ferries - to shift from diesel energy systems to hybrids that offer the same power with significantly less fuel consumption.

The company has locked up an exclusive agreement with lithium battery-maker Dow Kokam for commercial and retail marine applications, and says it has patented battery-management systems that will allow for the manufacture of battery systems in the multi-megawatt power range.



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