Clean Air Cars? Who Cares?

Consumer Reports survey finds only 28% of consumers think 'environmentally friendly/green" is a top consideration when buying a car.

Published: 06-Jan-2011

It might come as news to the gung-ho crowd pressing for regulations that would dramatically boost fuel-economy requirements, while lowering greenhouse-gas auto emissions, but not many of us really care about that stuff, says Consumer Reports magazine.

Only 28% of consumers think "environmentally friendly/green" is a top consideration when buying a car, the not-for-profit product-testing and research publication's survey says. That's down 4 percentage points from last year and 12 points since the 2008 survey.

"This drop is likely a sign of the leaner economic times and unwillingness to spend more for green technologies. ... While Americans want better fuel efficiency, they are not willing to pay extra for it," CR concludes.


CERV is jointly designed by Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies and TARDEC’s NAC,

Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center will exhibit examples of its advanced electric-drive vehicles at 2010 Detroit auto show.

Introduced in 2009, the 2010 model year Prius made it the best selling car in Japan.

The Prius sold 208,876 units in 2009, a 285.7 percent increase on sales in 2008.

Toyota FT-CH Concept hybrid.

Compact Hybrid will extend Toyota's family of hybrid-electric drive vehicles, though no indication has yet been given as to its powertrain, presumably a version of the company's Hybrid Synergy Drive.


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