PHOTO CAPTION: Electric Avenue, NAIAS 2010

2011 Will Be the Year 'Electric Avenue' Becomes A Reality

Frank Sherosky surveys the changes over the last year since the first 'Electric Avenue' debuted at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show.

Published: 05-Jan-2011

just may have been the year that will live in automotive infamy, as Electric Avenue at NAIAS defined the electrification of the automobile outside of just concept cars, and this set the destiny in place. 2011 NAIAS, though, will define the realities of the EV.

For certain we will see the continuation of technical innovations like Ford’s EcoBoost engines that have the power of a V8 in a 6 cylinder, but the gas mileage of a 4 cylinder. Moreover, we will continue to see the mainstream deliveries of a plethora of plug-in hybrid vehicles, like Chevy Volts, Nissan Leafs and Fisker Karmas. Even the Toyota Prius will follow suit with its own version of a plug-in.

Last year, Reuters noted that Silicon Valley would especially participate this time around. They were right as electric sports car maker, Tesla Motors, went public. That meant selling stock on the open market for cash would support the company’s drive toward full production; and its collaboration with Toyota makes that an even better bet.

For the second time, the NAIAS in Detroit will display an electric alley, where full EVs and Hybrids will have a place to showcase the technology. Some will migrate toward their brand’s display, though, as EVs and hybrids have become more mainstream. and that means the electrification is becoming mainstream and more mature.



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