PHOTO CAPTION: Alke ATX EUV equipped with Snowplough and salt spreader.

Smith Electric Introduces Alke Electric Utility Vehicle

Battery-electric Alke ATX can now come equipped with factory-fitted snowplow and salt-spreader.

Published: 05-Jan-2011

Smith Electric Vehicles is offering a new Alkè electric utility truck with a factory fitted Snowplough to the front and also a rear factory fitted electric salt spreader. This vehicle can perform a full day’s work on an electricity cost as low as 91cent.

The Alkè electric utility truck offers no emissions and no noise pollution when used in town centres.

The snowplough and salt spreader can be removed easily to allow normal use all year round.


Smith Newton electric truck.

Trucks will be deployed in New York City; Columbus, Ohio; and Fort Worth, Texas

Smith Electric Vehicles Newton in Staples Livery.

30 electric trucks will be operating in California, 10 in Ohio and one in Missouri.

Smith Newton electric truck in USMC colors.

All-electric trucks to be utilized at Camp Pendleton, CA.


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