PHOTO CAPTION: Nissan Micra sedan concept utilizes V-platform that may also be adapted for Mercedes-Benz electric city car.

Mercedes-Benz Developing Electric Car Competitor to BMW's MegaCity Program

Dubbed the 'Mega City Mobility', car believed to be based on co-developed Smart ForFour and Nissan V-platform.

Published: 05-Jan-2011

BMW’s MegaCity electric vehicle has been getting a lot of attention despite the fact that it’s still two years out from going on sale and over a year away from an actual reveal. Not content to let a fellow German competitor hog the spotlight, Mercedes-Benz has reportedly begun work on a MegaCity competitor — known under the working title of Mega City Mobility.

Mercedes’ electric vehicle will reportedly follow in the MegaCity Vehicle’s footprints, using rear-wheel-drive with a rear-mounted drivetrain. It’s believed that the small EV will ride on the next-generation Smart ForFour underpinnings, which itself will use Nissan’s small V-platform.

As of now, the majority of the development work on the Mega City Mobility vehicle is taking place in design studios. The styling is being handled by Mercedes’ design studio in Yokohama, Japan, under the direction of Holger Hutzenlaub. Mercedes handed design duties to its studios in Japan because of the new EV’s intentions to be a small, space efficient vehicle — and Japan is a marvel of space efficiency because space there is so limited.


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