PHOTO CAPTION: Audi A1 E-tron electric prototype first debuted at 2010 Geneva Auto Show.

Audi, VW Debating Over Electric Vehicle Rollouts

Vehicle in question is A1 E-tron, considered a 'near-series produciton' vehicle.

Published: 05-Jan-2011

With Volkswagen’s takeover of Porsche, Volkswagen Group’s product plans have been shuffled around with arguments about which brand will develop what products. One product development fight that Volkswagen and Audi have now officially denied is over electric vehicles.

Reports earlier this week added to the chaos of Volkswagen’s takeover of Porsche, with rumors that Audi and Volkswagen were fighting over electric vehicle development. The reports said that Audi was working on developing electric vehicles against parent Volkswagen’s wishes. Although the gigantic group has fought about a number of product plans, including the Porsche baby Boxster, Audi R4, and VW BlueSport, Audi is fully cooperating with VW.

The electric vehicle in question is the A1 E-tron Audi unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last year. It featured an electric drivetrain with a single-rotary, gasoline engine that worked as a range-extender. Audi reportedly began developing the car for production without VW’s approval.


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