2011: Time to 'Put-Up-Or-Shut-Up' for Electric Fleet Vehicles

Fleets operations seen as crucial test for electric vehicles in 2011, reports Pike Research.

Published: 05-Jan-2011

The electric vehicle (EV) market will be under the microscope in 2011, contends fresh research analysis, as both consumers and commercial fleets start buying them in greater numbers. According to a new white paper by Pike Research, 2011 is the year that will test the commercial viability for EVs in the U.S. market. The key will be whether these vehicles can successfully perform the various tasks demanded of them by everyday motorists and truck fleets alike

“The automotive industry is bedeviled by fundamental questions of the acceptance and use of electric vehicles,” said John Gartner, a senior analyst with Pike. “There is still a great deal of uncertainty about the issues of price sensitivity, ‘range anxiety’ and the importance of charging station networks [as well as] the length of time required to charge EVs, and other important matters.

“These questions can only be answered through real-world experience that is gained from commercial launches,” he added. “This is the year in which many of these answers will come into greater focus.”



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