PHOTO CAPTION: New York Police Department officer on Vectrix Maxiscooter.

Las Vegas Police Gifted Seven Vectrix Electric Maxiscooters.

The motorcycles, made by Vectrix Electronics, are marketed mainly to law enforcement agencies and sell for about $10,000 each.

Published: 05-Jan-2011

It might look like a regular motorcycle, but it sounds like a Toyota Prius.

The Metropolitan Police Department unveiled seven electric motorcycles Tuesday at its Convention Center Area Command. The motorcycles were donated by the Consumer Electronics Association to help police "go green."

They are nearly silent and have a top speed of 62 mph. Police said officers have pushed them to 65 mph.


Vectrix VX1 maxiscooter

Now owned by Gold Peak industries based in Hong Kong, the company will also offer a slimmer, smaller version of its VX1 Maxiscooter.

Vectrix VX-2 electric scooter

The Vectrix VX-2 is capable of speeds up to 30 mph and has a range of 40 to 55 mile.

Vectrix VX-2 electric scooter

Besides smaller, lower-speed VX-2, company also offering lithium version of VX-1.


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