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UK's Spencer Ivy Release Electric Bike Buyer's Guide

UK Gov't Cycle to Work scheme can help buyers save up to 50% off the purchase price of electric-assist bicycles.

Published: 04-Jan-2011

Not only are electric bikes simple and easy to ride, they are also a lot of fun. They allow people to significantly increase their range and tackle difficult hills with reduced effort, reduced cost, and reduced damage to the environment. They also help you increase your physical health, as you'll probably end up using an electric bike more often than a conventional one and contrary to popular belief, you do still need to pedal!

With so many benefits to both the individual and to society, it's clear to see why Governments such as in France and Italy have provided incentives to encourage more people onto them. In the UK, electric bikes are included in the Government's Cycle to Work scheme where buyers can save up to 50% off the purchase price. Ask your dealer for more details.

The problem with those new to electric bikes is where to start finding one that suits his/her needs. With so many options out there and with prices ranging from GBP500 to over GBP2,000, what should you look for when buying an electric bicycle?

Spencer Ivy Electric Bicycles, based in London, UK, have put together a handy pocket-sized Electric Bike Buyer's Guide with the assistance of the Light Electric Vehicle Association and PRESTO, an EU programme designed to promote the use of everyday cycling. This guide will help those new to electric bicycles make a more informed purchasing decision.

It answers common questions such as:

- Do you need a re-generative braking motor?
- To Throttle or Not To Throttle?
- Does cheap mean cheerful?
- What kind of battery do I need?
- What kind of weight is good for an electric bike?

You can request the free Electric Bike Buyer's Guide here at http://www.spencerivy.com/electric_bike_buyers_guide.php

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