PHOTO CAPTION: Ratan Tata with Tata Nano micro car.

India's Tata, MIT Partner on Hydrogen-from-Water Research

Besides investing $15 million for hydrogen research, company has also invested in MDI's air car.

Published: 04-Jan-2011

Ratan Tata has invested $15 million towards a research project at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to use hydrogen from water as a fuel for cars.

The project being conducted by MIT professor Daniel Nocera aims to generate hydrogen by splitting water and storing it safely in cars.

“The challenge is to develop an eco-friendly and efficient energy at low-cost as an alternative to depleting fossil fuels. Water and hydrogen as an alternative source of energy can help us in reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere,” scientist C.N.R Rao and chairman of the scientific advisory council to the prime minister of India said.


Riversimple hydrogen car is powered by 6kW fuel cell driving electric hub motors.

Two-passenger Riversimple runs on 6kW fuel cell and gets equivalent of 300 miles per gallon.

Honda's Gen2 home hydrogen refueling system.

The 15-square-meter electrolyzer can can produce 0.5 kilogram of hydrogen in eight hours.

Prototype solar-powered hydrogen station.

Each station would cost between $2-3 million with first phase to built in eleven cities from Portland, Maine to Miami, Florida.


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