PHOTO CAPTION: Teaser image of Ford Focus Electric.

Ford to Rollout Updated Focus Electric Car

Electric Focus is believed to have range of 100 miles, comparable to Nissan's LEAF electric car.

Published: 04-Jan-2011

Ford is on a roll. The automaker released the Fiesta last year, and the 2012 Ford Focus hits the market in just a few months. Now that those models are underway, Ford’s putting the spotlight on the Ford Focus Electric.

“It's been nearly a full year since Ford made it clear that the automaker is planning to roll out an all-electric version of its Focus, and now we have our first glimpse at what to expect from the car. The Blue Oval has dusted off its first teaser of the New Year with a shot of the charging port on the EV Focus,” says Autoblog, adding that the Focus electric will take its first “bow at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which runs from January 6 to 9.”

However, this won’t be the first time the automotive industry has taken a peek at the Ford Focus Electric. Left Lane News explains, “Previously, Ford has allowed media to drive an electric version of a Focus based on the outgoing Focus sedan, but now Ford has plans to bring its electric-only Focus to market and will base it on the upcoming model.”


Ford Focus electric car prototype.

Mondragon said by 2020, internal combustion engines will represent about 75 per cent of global demand, while hybrids, 20-25 percent.

Ford Transit Connect Electric van co-developed with Azure Dynamicss.

Transit Connect Electric will go on sale first in North America and then Europe in 2011.

Ford Transit Connect Electric

Southern California Edison will take delivery of first vehicle in late 2010, 19 others in 2011.


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