This Time Electric Car Market Will Grow

As the cost of oil keeps increasing, the electric car market seems set to continue its growth.

Published: 03-Jan-2011

ntists and automobile specialists have argued that the future of the car would be the electric. While in the 1950s we saw pictures of electric cars and even flying cars, the recent years have brought actual progress in the realm of automobiles once thought to be impossible. This represents a further step toward having electric cars on streets across the country.

Perhaps this time the humanity is really at the beginning of the era of electric cars after all.

Surprisingly enough, the history of the electric cars goes back to the dawn of the automobile industry and the year preceding the presentation of the Model T by Henry Ford. At the time the electric motor was a serious alternative to combustion engines.

Despite their slow and cumbersome process of charging car batteries, the first electric cars were much more comfortable than their gasoline competitors. In addition, they were less noisy, easier to drive and probably more effective over short distances, making them ideal for driving in towns.


Electric carmaker Reva is now owned by Mahindra & Mahindra

The government is planning on exempting taxes and introducing incentive schemes for customers.

Halo IPT demonstrates wireless charging of a Citroen electric car.

IDTech sees half the money spent on EVs in the next ten years won't be on cars.

EV Cup iRacer debuted in January 2010.

Series of electrically powered car races are scheduled for the UK and further afield.


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