PHOTO CAPTION: Yo Automobile hybrid coupe illustration

Russian Public to Get First Look at Yo Hybrid Cars

Estimated fuel consumption is 3.5 liters per kilometer (67 mpg) with range of 400 km.

Published: 03-Jan-2011

MOSCOW -- Russia’s first hybrid concept car branded as “Yo” will be demonstrated at a yo-mobile pavilion in downtown Moscow that will be open for general public from January 2 through 11, Alexander Sinkevich, the technical director of the Yo-Auto company project, told Itar-Tass.

According to Sinkevich, the pavilion in Tverskoi boulevard has already been open for two weeks “but only for specialists.” Now it will be open for general public as well.

“During the New Year holidays, access to the pavilion will be free. General public is welcome to examine first three models - a microvan, a cross coupe, and a minitruck,” he said. In his words, these are environment-friendly and energy-saving cars for everyday use in urban conditions powered both by gasoline and liquefied gas.



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