Chevy's Volt Is a 'Jolt'

Andrew Edwards surveys arrival of GM's new electric hybrid car in Southern California's 'Inland Empire'

Published: 03-Jan-2011

The silver-gray Chevrolet Volt parked in the showroom at an Ontario car dealership on a rainy Wednesday afternoon was one of the first of the new electric cars to be sold in the Inland Empire.

That specific Volt, with a sticker price of about $40,000, already had a buyer, and Mark Christopher Chevrolet sales manager Karl Scheiffle expected the car to be driven off the lot on New Year's weekend.

The Ontario dealership has presold about a dozen Volts, Scheiffle said, with the first of the bunch leaving the lot about two weeks ago.


GM spokesman Rob Peterson explains the benefits of the Volts extended range electric drive power plant during 2010 Freedom Drive..

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The Volt is mentioned 22 times in GM's IPO registration, writes Chrissie Thompson.


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