PHOTO CAPTION: Electric drive system for Ford Transit Connect developed by Azure Dynamics.

Azure Dynamics: Breakout Year for Electric Vehicles

Time magazine profiles electric vehicle drive developer

Published: 03-Jan-2011

High-tech start-ups in the vehicle business face some tall obstacles, among them a skeptical, century-old automotive establishment and pragmatic customers reluctant to experiment with expensive new technology.

Azure Dynamics, a fledgling maker of hybrid vehicles based in Oak Park, Mich., is making headway by concentrating on the commercial and fleet customers that account for 30% of all new-vehicle sales in the U.S. "Our vehicles are 30% more efficient," says Scott Harrison, Azure's CEO. "Every time the price of gasoline increases by 50¢, the payback time on our vehicles is shortened by six months." He may be one of the few people in America rooting for OPEC.

Azure is selling more than efficiency in its $70,000 delivery vans. The uptime for a vehicle with one of Azure's hybrid power trains is longer than for a conventional truck, Harrison says. The wear and tear on the brakes is reduced because the regenerative braking system pulls the kinetic energy off the brakes and uses it to recharge the battery. Starter motors are eliminated completely, he says.


Azure Dynamics hybrid shuttle uses Ford E450 chassis and Senator body with capacity of up to 14 passengers.

23-foot shuttles utilize Balance™ Hybrid Electric drive system

Ford Transit Connect van is available in all-electric model.

Ford commercial truck dealers order 15 units as demonstrators.

Azure Dynamics Transit Connect is based on popular Ford platform build in Turkey.

Lastest sales total 29 vehicles: 8 in Europe and 21 in North America, including a three unit order from Johnson Controls, Inc.


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