India's Mahindra Sees Bright Future for 'Electronic' Vehicles

Petrol price spikes and ease of driving, as well as lack of tailpipe pollution, makes electric vehicles attractive option in India, cites Indian carmaker.

Published: 31-Dec-2010

After it has acquired 55 percent in Reva Electric Car Company, Mahindra Reva is becoming more serious when it comes to electric cars and predicts that petrol and diesel prices are making EVs a more attractive solution for those looking to purchase a new ride. In an interview for DNA India, R. Chandramouli, chief operating officer of Mahindra Reva, emphasized that what he calls "electronic' vehicles will have a bright future and customers will be able to save more money with a green car than with any other type of vehicle.

"With petrol and diesel prices going up every second month, I see a bright future for electronic vehicles," he said.

"There are three things that work in our favour. First is the petrol price which shoots up every now and then. Second is the fact that our car is automatic which makes driving easy and tension-free. The third and the most important factor is it’s (e-car) pollution-free. I place this above everything else. It has been found that customers who go for our cars place environment ahead of petrol price and other factors," he added.


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