More Cities Getting Tough on Fighting Traffic Congestion

Beijing and San Francisco have enacted or are considering measures to the rise of traffic gridlock.

Published: 31-Dec-2010

San Francisco, Paris and Beijing have joined a growing list of cities mulling over what many consider to be extreme measures in controlling congestion and the added pollution it causes.

Earlier this month, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority released its recommendations for a congestion pricing scheme that would charge drivers between three and six dollars for the privilege of driving in the city’s busiest downtown neighborhoods. The plan will receive further study and isn’t expected to go into effect until at least 2015, but a promotional video released by the SFCTA makes it clear that the body has every intention of pursuing the policy.

Meanwhile, several French municipalities including Paris and Lyon, are looking into a possible outright ban of SUVs within the next two years. As reported by the AP, a Parisian environmental official recently told RTL Radio that citizens who drive SUVs should “sell (them) and buy a vehicle that’s compatible with city life.” He continued, “I’m sorry, but having a sport utility vehicle in a city makes no sense.”



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