Chevy Volt Energizes Modesto Dealership

First Volt electric hybrid slipped away from American Chevrolet less than 24 hours after being delivered to the dealership.

Published: 31-Dec-2010

Chevrolet’s newest, greenest car rolled into Modesto this week ... briefly, before noiselessly slipping away with its new owner less than 24 hours after hitting the lot.

The Chevrolet Volt, a four-door sedan that fans say beats the doors off typical hybrids, arrived at American Chevrolet Wednesday. “It’s like a rolling iPod,” said dealership owner Dave Halvorson.

The buzz generated by the Volt centers on its mileage: it gets the equivalent of 93 miles per gallon of gas. The country’s top-selling hybrid, the Toyota Prius, gets 51 mpg.


Chevrolet Volt takes 3-4 hours to charge at 208-240V.

The Volt will automatically burn off gasoline when it senses it may be getting old.

Screen capture from Chevrolet Voltec drive system animation.

Chevy Volt’s gas engine does turn the wheels. Sometimes.

Chevrolet Volt achieved 127 mpg during nearly 300 test drive around Los Angeles.

Motor Trends' Johnny Lieberman gets to put 299 miles on the Volt driving around Los Angeles.


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