Tata Funds Hydrogen Fuel Research at MIT

The project involves generating hydrogen by splitting water and safely storing it onboard an automobile.

Published: 31-Dec-2010

Bangalore, -- (IANS) India's top industrialist Ratan Tata has funded a research project in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to use hydrogen from water as an alternative fuel to drive cars, an eminent scientist said Friday.

'Tata has given $15 million to fund the research being conducted by MIT professor Daniel Nocera on using water as auto fuel. The project involves generating hydrogen by splitting water and storing it in a safe can to drive an automobile,' noted scientist C.N.R Rao told reporters at a press meet here.

Tata and Nocera, who owns the patent, plan to set up a start-up for building a prototype can that can store hydrogen in a compressed form and fit it into a car for using as an alternative fuel cost-effectively.


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