Malaysia's Proton Sees Promising Future for Electric Cars in Asia

Proton management projects China's population and lack of oil reserves means it will have to shift to electric cars, which the company is developing.

Published: 29-Dec-2010

BAHARU -- In view of escalating oil prices and depleting reserves, the world's auto giants are in the race to produce hybrid cars powered by a combination of combustion engine and electric motor.

National carmaker Proton Holdings Bhd, however, takes a different approach -- to come out with a pure electric vehicle (EV).

Proton Corporate Planning General Manager Dr Badrulhisham Mohd Ghazali said an EV would be a sure thing based on several studies conducted by the company.

"If we look it now, China is actively developing EV technologies. Among the reasons are economic and political factors," he told Bernama at the recent Proton Carvinal here.


Proton/Lotus developed EVE Hybrid

The car can travel as far as 621 miles (1,000 kilometers) on one full petrol tank and a fully charged battery.

Proton Exora Range Extender EV.

Malaysian company has both range extended and full-electric cars in test fleets.

Proton Saga EV.

Danny Tan drives Malaysian/Frazer Nash-developed electric car in London-to-Brighton Veteran Car Run.


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