PHOTO CAPTION: MIT's EVT Mercury Milan electric car conversion.

MIT Develops Rapid Charger for Electric Vehicles

Initial tests on A123 cells on electric motorcycle, recharging to 80 percent capacity in 10 minutes through 1,500 cycles.

Published: 27-Dec-2010

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently demonstrated a rapid-recharging system, designed to improve electric vehicles’ operation. Their project aims to change public perceptions about the practicality of such vehicles.

The team’s objective is to recharge an electric car in less than 30 minutes, without severely reducing the operating lifetime of the batteries or causing other problems. The project, conducted by the Electric Vehicle Team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), started almost a year ago, and has gathered worldwide interest: Japanese manufacturer Nissan is considering implementing the system in its Nissan Leaf, a pure electric five-passenger car to be introduced in the U.S. during 2011.

Lennon Rodgers, a doctoral student in mechanical engineering and a member of the MIT Electric Vehicle Team, recently presented a paper on the team’s tests at the 12th International Conference on Advanced Vehicle and Tire Technologies in Montreal. The paper was co-authored by fellow team members Radu Gogoana, Paul Karplus, and Michael Nawrot.


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