What's It Cost for Nissan Dealers to Prep for LEAF Electric Car?

Nissan estimates the total cost for most dealerships would to equip themselves for Leaf will fall in the vicinity of $25,000 to $75,000

Published: 27-Dec-2010

The 2011 Nissan Leaf, at first glance, looks a whole lot simpler to service than conventional gasoline cars; there's no flammable liquid in the tank, no motor oil, no complicated multi-speed transmission either.

That said, some dealers are probably feeling a little daunted by the idea of taking a dealership that's configured to sell and service gasoline cars and trucks, and upgrading it to sell and service all-electric vehicles, like the Leaf.

Wouldn't there be some expensive equipment required in the transition? A lot more training required?


Nissan LEAF can be charged at 110, 220 and 380V.

Tennessee politicians reassure public that State will be ready for electric cars.

Nissan will build 50,000 LEAF electric cars the first full year of production.

USA Today columnist shares his impressions of electric car test drive.

Nissan LEAF goes on sale in five states starting in December 2010.

Benefits of early ownership include Tax credits, rebate checks, personalized home visits, and government giveaways.


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