IMPCO Eastern Europe Partnership To Develop Alternative Fuel and Vehicles

Partnership to build 400 propane fueling stations, as well as vehicle conversion stations in Russia.

Published: 11-Dec-2000

CERRITOS, Calif., Dec. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- IMPCO Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: IMCO) announced today that it has joined a consortium of Russian, Polish and U.S. companies that are engaged in the development of alternative fuel infrastructure and vehicle usage in Russia.

This consortium will plan, develop and distribute state-of-the-art propane fueling stations and vehicle conversion centers. The initial project entails 400 new stations with vehicle conversion capabilities in the Moscow area alone. Russia is a leading producer of natural gas, which can also be easily converted into propane. With the retail price of natural gas being approximately one-third the price of gasoline, there is significant incentive for the fleet transportation market, estimated at 100,000 vehicles, to convert to alternate fuels.

Mr. Dennis Hartman Vice President and General Manager of the Gaseous Fuel Products Division said, "IMPCO is gratified to be a part of this significant project. Not only will this effort contribute to improved air quality in the major cities of Russia, it will afford the vehicle user the benefit from the significant alternate fuel cost advantage versus gasoline in Russia."

The consortium will use IMPCO alternate fuel system products, technologies and on-site training and educational techniques to ensure the vehicle conversions are completed to the highest standards for long-term performance and reduced vehicle emissions. Russia has had a long history with alternate fuel vehicles starting back as far as 1936. Many of Russia's main highways have alternate fuel filling stations in place already with more being installed. Sources in Russia state that supply of natural gas alone will increase 15-20% this year, making IMPCO's entrance timely and viable.

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IMPCO is the leading resource of advanced fuel storage, fuel metering and electronic control systems for fuel cells, microturbines and internal combustion engines enabling them to operate using economical, clean-burning fuels such as hydrogen, propane, natural gas, sewer-gas and methanol. IMPCO designs each system to optimize efficiency and performance while reducing emission to the lowest-levels. IMPCO supplies systems to original equipment manufacturers in the automotive, industrial, materials handling and power generation industries. We support the global aftermarket through a network of more than 400 Distributors and Service Parts Organizations.

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