PHOTO CAPTION: AMP competed in Automotive X Prize with all-electric modification of Saturn Sky sports car.

Electric Cars Open Doors for Start-Ups

Paul Eisenstein sees 'David v. Goliath' contest developing between large, well-established carmaker and small, but aggressive start-up electric car companies.

Published: 15-Nov-2010

General Electric’s announcement that it will switch to battery power for half its huge sales and service fleet comes as good news for proponents of electric propulsion.

General Motors alone stands to pick up orders for at least 12,000 Volt plug-in hybrids in a deal that is likely to be much-discussed at the annual Los Angeles Auto Show, which opens this week.

Proponents of what industry insiders refer to as “electrification” see GE's move as just the breakthrough battery cars need. Fleet buyers, rather than retail, may be the force that gives the nascent green technology the momentum it needs to reach critical mass, said Robbie Diamond, CEO of the Electrification Coalition, a trade group.


AMP Electric Equinox

Converted SUV has range up to 100 miles based on test drive.

AMP will convert Chevrolet Equinoxes similar to this model to all-electric drive for DTE Energy.

Cincinnati-based firm will convert three Equinox SUVS to electric drive with range up to 150 miles per charge.

AMP-converted Chevrolet Equinox.

Agreement to provide Icelandic utility with electric vehicles covers the next five years.


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