PHOTO CAPTION: Screen capture from Plug-In America PSA 'Blow, Baby Blow.'

Plug In America Begins Running Electric Car PSAs

Delightfully humorous series of public service announcement modeled after successful Mac vs. PC commercials.

Published: 16-Nov-2010

With history’s first mass-produced plug-in vehicles just weeks away from delivery, Plug In America is releasing a series of smartly humorous PSAs created by people who have driven gas-free vehicles for years. Think “Mac vs. PC” spoofs that show the differences between electric vehicles and gas cars with a cameo by Fabio thrown in.

The first of the seven videos, which will be released between now and February, include ”Cell Phone” and “Ocean Crude.” Driving home the superiority of plug-ins, they address topics such as the true cost of gasoline, the endless maintenance of gas cars, the ease of plugging in to charge, oil spills and range anxiety. To see the blonde star himself, take a look at “Hype,” which will be available for distribution at the end of this month.

The videos were written and produced by a professional cast and crew of 60 who donated their time to Plug In America, the nonprofit organization leading the nation’s plug-in vehicle movement. They were spearheaded and produced by actress and long-time environmental activist Alexandra Paul (who you may recognize from “Baywatch” and “Who Killed the Electric Car?”) and feature Stephen Zimpel, appearing as "Electric," and Marvin Campbell, starring as “Gas.”

The nonprofit Plug In America works to accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity to reduce our nation's dependence on petroleum and improve the global environment. They’re looking to do so with humor and public education, and your consideration is appreciated given the upcoming delivery of the cleanest-running vehicles ever manufactured.

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