Majority in Survey Would Take Volt Over Hummer

55% would take Volt if offered one free, while 30% would take the Hummer. 15% wouldn't choose either.

Published: 10-Nov-2010

According to a new survey, if given the choice between a new 2011 Chevrolet Volt or a new HUMMER H3, 55 percent would choose the Volt.

But you couldn't give Volt away to 45 percent.

The survey results, from the market-research firm Synovate, suggest that more Americans are interested in the new direction of GM, as symbolized by the Volt, than the old GM, as symbolized by the HUMMER H3. And while these results are a good sign for the Volt, they still represent how polarized the public is about vehicles like the Volt, as well as automakers' challenges in making green cars desirable.


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