PHOTO CAPTION: The Beast' is luxury engineered hybrid bicycle

M55's New 'Dark Lord' is a Beast of An Electric Bike

Latest luxury 'hybrid' bike may cost more than the Nissan Leaf electric car.

Published: 09-Nov-2010

You really have to be seriously into cycling and have a net worth that is more than what most people earn in a lifetime to afford this bad boy, but for sheer audaciousness, M55 Bike's latest creation certainly comes close to taking the prize. While the company hasn't announced pricing, it's web site mentions that their "Beast" model is "worth $35,000."

That's more than Nissan is asking for their LEAF electric car. But don't let the price put you off. There's some pretty clear technology packed into this 33kg engineering exercise, which as been designed as a serious cross-country escape machine, one that despite its lithium-polymer battery-powered electric drive, still requires you have to pedal. Afterall, whats the point of mountain biking if you don't get some exercise; you might as well buy a motocross machine.

Like a number of other electric-assist bikes, it senses the amount of effort being expended and supplies that added bit of umph; and the faster you pedal, the faster it goes, up to 40 mph (77km/h) at 120 pedal cadence.

The bike is currently on display at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. The Beast will be available in the first half of 2011.

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