Green Energy Field Fertile Ground for Wild Ideas

Gasoline from bacteria and electric power from space, are just some of the concepts emerging as the world scrambles to come up with substitutes for fossil fuels.

Published: 14-Oct-2010

Spray-on solar panels, power beaming down from outer space and gasoline-like fuel made from bacteria.

Sound far-fetched? Maybe, but these and other futuristic concepts for producing power are being taken seriously in scientific, business and academic circles. Some have even raised millions in funding.

This is the dream era for green technology, when even concepts that sound wildly innovative or insane — depending on who's describing them — are getting attention.


Oil and gas projections based on Uppsala University analysis.

UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security calls on UK government to reassess its dismissive view about the potential threat and impact of oil shortages.

President Obama greets China's President Hu Jintao.

Energy-focused initiatives also include electric vehicle demonstrations and joint technical standards.

Yokohama ENVigor All-Weather Tire

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