PHOTO CAPTION: Romet 4E electric car prototype being developed in Poland

Poland's Romet Shows Urban Electric Car

Tiny, two-place electric car would sell for equivalent of less than US$10,000.

Published: 13-Oct-2010

Motorcycle, scooter and ATV manufacturer, Romet Motors in Debica, Poland, recently rolled out the 4E, a two-place urban electric commuter. The company envisions the 349kg (without batteries) vehicles as fitting between its two-wheeled, gasoline-powered vehicles and conventional motorcars. It is powered by a pair of 60V or 72V DC motor rated at 2kW. The batteries can be either lead acid or lithium-ion and sized for 10kWh. Range is estimated at 100km. Top speed will be 45 km/hr.

The cost to operate the 4E is estimated in Europe at €5 per 100 km. The car is currently in prototype development and is expected to cost between €6-7,000.

Romet 4E electric car prototype

Romet 4E electric car prototype

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