PHOTO CAPTION: Florian Bailly crosses Alps with solar-assisted electric bicycle.

Frenchman Rides Solar-powered Bike Over 10,000 km to Japan

€8,000 solar electric bike allowed Florian Bailly to travel 120 km per day on average.

Published: 12-Oct-2010

Frenchman Florian Bailly arrived in Tokyo at the beginning of the week after a gruelling bicycle ride from France through 12 countries and across two continents. Travelling on a specially adapted solar bicycle, Bailly harnessed the sun's rays as he completed the 10,000 kilometre journey in less than two-thirds of the time it would have taken on a conventional bike.

“I crossed desert, mountains and countryside, where there is nothing, nobody. Then in this big city with millions of people, it was crazy,” said Bailly on his arrival in Tokyo.

The idea behind Bailly’s bike is simple. The combination of human, electric and solar power, his custom-made trailer attached to the rear of his bike carries two solar panels which charge two lithium batteries. These provide power for an electric motor which helps the rider travel more quickly with the same amount of pedalling.


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Major solar panel makers report they are sold out for 2010, and you'll need up to 250 kHW/month for that solar-powered electric car.

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