PHOTO CAPTION: AeroVironment Level III charger prototype

Monrovia's AV Will Provide Charge Stations for Plug-in Vehicles

Duke University study sees hybrids and electric cars accounting for half of all new car sales by 2020.

Published: 12-Oct-2010

Consumer interest in hybrid and electric vehicles is growing although it's been tempered by reservations about the availability of charging stations.

But a new study by Duke University's Center for Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness predicts that interest level is going to pick up significantly. By 2020, hybrid and EVs will account for more than half of new vehicle sales, according to the report.

That bodes well for AeroVironment, a Monrovia-based maker of quick-charge systems for electric vehicles. Earlier this year, AV inked a deal with Nissan to provide home-charging stations for the automaker's Leaf electric car, which is scheduled to hit showrooms in December.


Conceptual illustration of a future hydrogen-fueled jenliner in Finnair colors.

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Avid Warrior electric-powered utility truck

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