A Fuel Cell That Can Run on Biodiesel

200 Watt solid-acid fuel cell can run on both pure hydrogen and reformed biodiesel

Published: 12-Oct-2010

mart diesel reformer and a tolerant fuel cell are the core components of a new type of electric power supply unit. Environmentally friendly and flexible, the unit could be a serious contender in the market for generators in electric vehicles and other applications.

The power supply unit can run on biodiesel as well as regular diesel.

This combination of two advanced technologies is now undergoing testing, thanks to funding under the Research Council's RENERGI programme. In trials, a 200-W solid-acid fuel cell ran on both pure hydrogen and on hydrogen produced from diesel by the unit's reformer -- with only an insignificant difference in performance.

Low CO2 emissions


Computer rendering of IFB fuel cell airplane.

The aircraft will need to fly a minimum of 320 kilometres at a minimum speed of 160 kilometres per hour.

ONR's Ion Tiger fuel cell UAV in flight.

Hydrogen-powered fuel cell unmanned air vehicle flew 23 hours and 17 minutes.

GM Fuel Cell Equinox.

Costly and back-breaking legal barriers are making Japanese roads uninviting for foreign carmakers like GM to test their fuel cell vehicles.


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