PHOTO CAPTION: Lumeneo electric Neoma is possible candidate for Autolib vehicle

Paris Electric Carshare Program to Begin in 2011

A total of 3,000 electric cars will distributed among 700 stations, with subscription fee of €15 a month.

Published: 08-Oct-2010

The French capital is notorious for its traffic jams. Now the mayor of Paris has come up with a bold new plan to rid his city of tens of thousands of cars. If he pulls it off, the e-car sharing scheme may become a trailblazer for other congested cities around the world.

Many see Paris as the ideal city for a car show. The Paris Motor Show, which began Saturday, is a spectacle not dissimilar to the famous prêt-à-porter shows on the Seine. That's on the one hand.

On the other hand, Paris is a strange place for an event devoted to the car. In almost no other European city can the visitor experience the shortcomings of the personal motor car as vividly as here.
Driving in and around Paris is a nightmare. There are never any parking spaces available anyway, and on the Peripherique inner ring road it's possible to wait for over an hour in traffic without having moved a hundred yards forward. Automotive journalists, press officers and board members will once again be waiting for hours on end this week, sitting irritated in their shuttle limousines in a continuous traffic jam, on the way to the next car presentation.


3,000 B0(zero) Bluecars will be available for short-term hire in Paris and surrounding communities.

An annual subscription costs 12 euros ($15.87) per month, while using the car costs 5 euros for the first half hour

Bollare-powered Bluecars designed by Pininfarina to be used in Autolib program.

Officials hope to have 3,000 of the zero-emission, four-seater Bluecars on the streets and 1,000 charging stations in Paris and surrounding cities by the end of 2012.


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