Oregon Governor Forms Transportation Electrification Council

Twelve-member council charged to develop plan on how Oregon can be leader in emerging electric vehicle technologies.

Published: 06-Oct-2010

M, Ore. -- Gov. Ted Kulongoski announced Wednesday the creation of the Oregon Transportation Electrification Executive Council to create a central point of coordination of electric vehicle strategy, development and deployment for the state.

The governor made the executive order announcement at the same time that ECOtality unveiled its electric vehicle infrastructure plan for Portland, Salem, Eugene and Corvallis, where the company plans to install more than 1,100 publicly available charging stations over the next several months.

“We have made great progress, coordinating across city, county and state sectors as well as private companies like ECOtality to make Oregon an entry point for transportation electrification – but we cannot stop here,” said Kulongoski. “This is a long-term vision, a long-term mission – and we must make a long-term commitment to not only bring this next generation of cars to our communities, but also a commitment to make this transition to cleaner cars a successful one.”

In February, the governor received a report by the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Infrastructure Working Group that focused on infrastructure deployment and opportunities for developing alternatives to gasoline powered vehicles.



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